Porto & Douro


3 days

6 to 30 travelers

from 795€/person


9th to 11th Feb'24

8t to 11th March'24

12th to 14th April'24

10th to 12th May'24

30th May to 1st June'24

12th to 14th July'24

9th to 11th Sep'24

13th to 15th Sep'24

11th to 13th Oct'24


Do you ever wonder how it was possible to plant and harvest the vineyards in Douro?


Do you feel the need to disconnect and be surrounded by history, nature and ancient eras?


Do you want to feel the passion for the land and experience the most wonderful food and wine at the table?


Well, this adventure is for you! Three days in Douro region were the best vineyard landscapes and the incomparable beauty of the region are the background to a great and sensory experience. Get to know the beautiful city of Porto and take a tour in its renowned Porto wine cellars.


You will learn about the history and surroundings of Quinta dos Castelares, in an exciting visit to its vineyards, winery and production unit.


Also, you will have the opportunity to travel deeper into the heart of Portugal and get to know Almeida, an historical village that has many surprises to offer and with the most beautiful fortress that you will ever see!

Porto & Douro - unveiling Douro's history, culture and traditions


You will walk under the care of passionate and experienced WAB guides, who will guide you throughout these days with many stories, legends and curiosities to share.


Your first experience of the Douro will be in the historic city of Porto. Known by the wine cellars with the renowned Porto wine, this city has much to offer. Its historical center has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996 with its lingering streets and many hidden treasures for you to find. Let yourself be guided and find out more about the Douro valley and its secrets. You will have the opportunity to visit a wine cellar and taste the most precious Porto wine, taking time to appreciate the view over the city and the Douro river.


These days are going to be filled with cultural and gastronomic experiences as well as the most breathtaking views over Douro river. The secular landscapes from Douro will be the perfect background for you to learn more about the harvest of the grapes in the most spectacular and familiar winery: Quinta dos Castelares.


You will have the opportunity to unveil secrets, legends and stories in the most beautiful and breathtaking views that this region has to offer you. While you take the trip to Penedo Durão you will discover geological sites and amazing rock formations worn by time. As you reach the top you will discover a landscape that it is hard to describe. Prepare yourself to feel embraced by the intensity of nature and its powerful colors and shapes.


For the end of the tour you will discover another Portugal gem, Almeida. Nestled in the heart of Portugal you will be amazed by its star-shaped fortress as well the lingering streets that reveal a well preserved historical center.




Day 1: Arrive Porto, Portugal


Travelers arrive today in the historic northern Portugal city of Porto. 

Getting from the airport to the hotel in the historic center is easily arranged by taxi, metro or shared ride.


You will have the opportunity to participate in a guided mini tour of Porto city with a wine taste experience in a traditional cellar.



Day 2: Travel by bus to Freixo de Espada à Cinta; explore Quinta dos Castelares and the village

(breakfast included)


The day starts with a journey to Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Portugal. This village has many legends associated with its name. One of them suggested that in the 14th century the king D. Dinis of Portugal tied his sword to an ash tree before leaning against it to rest. An interesting legend that can be explored later at the end of the day.


Now, it is time for you to get to know Quinta dos Castelares. You will find yourself surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the Douro region, where the vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see.


You will learn from a passionate wine producer the story and challenges that Quinta dos Castelares overcame throughout the years until now. You will discover a land lover, a man who wants to put Freixo de Espada à Cinta into the map. 


You will feel that you are harvesting with the staff while he talks about the grapes and how they get them into producing the best wine in the region. Feel the passion and the love for the land while you take a tour throughout the vineyards. Many stories to tell and many adventures along the way!


In Portugal we open the door to our home and welcome people to the table, and that's where we bond, become friends, share stories, adventures, joys and achievements. We become friends with those we host, sharing traditional dishes paired with the best wines from the region. At lunch you'll have the opportunity to feel like family, where conversation and good humor are the motto for an unforgettable meal! A marvelous combination that will last in your memory for a lifetime!


When you return to Freixo de Espada à Cinta you will have the chance to explore this village that is full of history, legends and historic buildings. Take the opportunity to visit the famous tree that gave the town its name and get lost in the small, cozy historic center.



Day 3: Travel by bus to Penedo Durão, visit to Almeida, return to Porto

(breakfast included)


Your day begins with a trip to the remarkable natural landmark of Penedo Durão This imposing rock formation, with its towering cliffs and panoramic views, stands as a testament to the breathtaking beauty of the Douro valley.


Leaving Freixo de Espada à Cinta behind you, the trip begins to discover its beauty and why it is considered a pure gem in the region. You will discover rock formations worn by time, native flora and some wildlife. You will discover the unique geological features of Penedo Durão while you connect with nature in its pure way. As you ascend, you will reach the summit of Penedo Durão. From this point, you can soak in the breathtaking views of the Douro valley, with the meandering Douro river, terraced vineyards, and distant hills stretching out before you. The view encapsulates perfectly the natural beauty of the region. If you are lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of griffons gracefully gliding through the sky, their majestic wings carrying them in a serene flight. You will have time to delight your eyes and soul in this peaceful scenery. Take time to appreciate the natural border between Portugal and Spain and feel immersed by the magnitude of Penedo Durão.


Now it is time to travel to Almeida, taking time to appreciate the ride with fantastic views over Douro river and its sculpted landscapes. You will have the opportunity to have lunch in Almeida and delight yourself with traditional cuisine paired with the best wines.


When you arrive in Almeida you will see that it is a charming historical town nestled in the heart of Portugal. Known for its rich heritage, this small town carries a significant historical weight within its well-preserved walls.


One of the most impressive features is its unique star-shaped fortress. This fortification was designed in the 17th century and is a testament to the town’s strategic importance during Portugal’s long history. Its elaborate walls, complete with bastions and a moat, showcase the architectural brilliance of the time. This design allowed for better defense and visibility, as it provided multiple angles for artillery fire. 


Inside the walls, you will discover a well preserved town center, characterized by narrow cobbled streets and picturesque squares. While you walk through Almeida it will make you feel that you are on a journey throughout Portuguese history.


Almeida is a town that offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and appreciate the historical and cultural wealth of the region. With many buildings very well-preserved it is the perfect way to end this adventure in Douro Superior.


Now, it is time to rest and get back to Porto, while you dream of your next adventure and recall all the fantastic adventures that you have experienced these days.




- All land travel as outlined - a bus is available to the group every day throughout the itinerary

- Superior class hotel

- 2 breakfast included; lunch at Quinta dos Castelares included;

- WAB guide service with cultural and historical expertise throughout (2 guides);

- Pricing is based on double occupancy; a limited number of single rooms are available for a supplement of 90€. We also offer a roommate matching service.

- Countless opportunities to visit monuments along the tour as well taste the local art of eating good food and drinking exquisite wine




- Lunch at Almeida;

- International airfare not Included.  

- The tour starts and ends in Porto, Portugal, served by Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (airport code OPO);

- Passport or VISA fees; 

- Passenger facility taxes levied by domestic or foreign airports (airport taxes);

- Meals not listed in the itinerary;

- Beverages for any included lunches or dinners; 

- Tips for housekeeping; 

- Phone calls; 

- Valet/laundry services and other services of a personal nature; 

- Porterage of luggage;

- Trip cancellation or other travel insurance.


Important Information:


International airfare is not Included. The official start and finish point of the tour is the hotel in Porto, Portugal, which is about a 15-20 minute taxi ride from the Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (airport code OPO).


Please do not book your airfare prior to receiving the email confirmation from us!


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