Azores - Flores & Corvo


5 days

7 to 22 travelers

1208€ 1027€/person


20th to 24th May'24

10th to 14th June'24

15th to 20th July'24

2nd to 6th Sep'24

(flexible dates)

These remote islands belong to the western group and are protected by the Unesco Biosphere Reserve. All the paths and trails are surrounded by breathtaking views that were sculpted by the force of the volcanoes and the ocean. Take time to appreciate the waterfalls, cliffs and learn about the ancient geological heritage.

Camino de Santiago


10 days

7 to 22 travelers

3048€ 2590€/person


15th to 24th March'24

22nd April to 1st May'24

17th to 26th June'24

28th Sep to 7th Oct'24

(flexible dates)

Walking the Camino is so powerful and overwhelming that you will feel that you are becoming a part of this mystical route, sharing laughter, tears, joys and conquers… You will find very few words to explain what you feel and a very strong will to keep going.

Porto & Douro


3 days

6 to 30 travelers

from 795€ from 680€/person


9th to 11th Feb'24

8t to 11th March'24

12th to 14th April'24

10th to 12th May'24

30th May to 1st June'24

12th to 14th July'24

9th to 11th Sep'24

13th to 15th Sep'24

11th to 13th Oct'24

(flexible dates)

Your first experience of the Douro will be in the historic city of Porto. Known by the wine cellars with the renowned Porto wine, this city has much to offer.

These days are going to be filled with cultural and gastronomic experiences as well as the most breathtaking views over Douro river, unveiling secrets, stories and legends that this regions has to tell you.